Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Writing Diary #58 - over the hump

Well, I may have only written a paragraph yesterday, but it got me through my little block I had in my Vampire YA, so I'm over the hump :D.

I'm not home free yet, I'm still having to work the characters back through in my head to get them sorted, but I am now moving forward with the story rather than standing still. It didn't help matters that yesterday my computer slowed to an almost complete standstill to the point where the mouse took two minutes to move and I had a lot of trouble closing down cleanly. Thank god for auto-recover in MS Word, which saved my humble paragraph from extinction when the save button was ne'er to be found!

Today's writing session will hopefully finish the scene I'm on, shouldn't be much longer and then I may even *gasp* start on the next one, we'll see how the half hour pans out.

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