Monday, 1 September 2014

The Burning Web (Ghost Story) by Sophie Duncan Cover Reveal & Pre-Order Information

As promised, it's cover reveal time for my new book, The Burning Web. The book is a ghost story following ex-copper, Tris McCall, as he tries to rebuild his life after a shooting incident that cost him his career and his health. The consequences of his actions have changed Tris' perspective on life in more ways than he knows when, still recovering from a brain haemorrhage, he begins visiting Berwick House, the rambling Victorian pile he is planning to make a family home with his husband, Xander. he quickly discovers that the house holds secrets that force him into keeping some of his own.

The book has a fair collection of scares and spookiness, so I hope the cover reflects that. So, here's the cover in all its creepy glory :)

The Burning Web is NOW available for Pre-order too.
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