Monday, 21 March 2016

A to Z Theme Reveal - Murder Most Foul!

Well, another year, a new A to Z!!! And I am excited to reveal that this year, my theme is inspired by my love of old fashioned detective fiction, especially those involving murder most foul! I love the likes of Miss Marple, Miss Fisher, Inspector Alleyn and some modern investigators as well, like Gillian Larkin's Grace Abrahams.

Being a writer, I have decided to use the 26 days of the A to Z to develop my own cosy mystery:
The Case of the Cursed House

Each day I will be revealing a little more of the plot outline (don't worry, I'm not making anyone wade through the full text, I know you have other blogs to get to), some character details and a few clues, and each day my visitors will get a chance to vote on whodunnit and let me know what they think of the story ideas.

I look forward to seeing you during the AtoZ.

Other bloggers, I'll do my best to get to everybody in the list, but leave me a comment with your link and I'll definitely drop by.

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