Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Writing Diary #54

Originally posted: Wittegen Press LJ (and yes, there are 53 previous entries, but this is a new blog, and I won't bore you with those :D)

Well, it's been a while diary, but new year, new house is almost straight and so it's back to the routine.

Actually, today, I'm not planning on using my writing slots for writing, although I am determined to concentrate on the two pieces I abandoned in November in the face of house moving: my vampire YA and my sequel to my dragon warrior commission. Today is for planning. As well as a writer, I am a publisher, and hence, have to work on advertising as well as writing. Today, I am writing our marketing plan for the year. It will relate loosely to what books we are planning on writing this year, but also there are things like: how to get folks to sign up to our mailing list; what tweets are needed; plus the half dozen other atomised identities on G+, Facebook, Blogger, Book Blogs, GoodReads etc!

At least this plan gives me a chance to mix my Project Management skills with my authorial aspirations. :)

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