Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hmm - maybe I ought to have been clearer!

Just got a 3 star review for the Diablo Ouija, one of the Haward Mysteries short stories, and the review said that the person wanted to see the twins actually do some proper investigating in the future. Well, my immediate reaction was, 'that's not the point of the short stories, they're interludes, not enough length to do a full investigation, that's in the novel(s)'. However, then I went back and read the blurb on the smashwords page from which it was downloaded, and I realised, from that blurb, I was probably the only person that knew that! The reason being, there is a bit at the end talking about the whole series of Haward Mysteries and it does talk about investigations and magical CSI and the like. It does specify that this is in the novels when it mentions that level of detail, but does not explicitly exclude the short stories - oops, my bad.

So the moral of this story is: make sure the blurb is accurate! I have now gone and explicitly put in the blurb that the FREE e-shorts are briefer glimpses of Haward Mystery life, so hopefully we won't disappoint again.

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