Friday, 6 January 2012

Writing Diary #56 - plans begun, and onwards!

Also published on Wittegen Press LJ.

Okay, so plan for next 6 months is now in progress, 4 books listed, plus regular atomising stuff!

Wow there's a lot of things to do per book when you list them out, everything from composing tweets to designing the cover. Oh yes, and of course, writing it! :P Each book has at least 33 tasks associated with it and that's only up until launch. After that are the wonders of persuading bloggers to read and review, freebie and promotional competitions. Also, I've begun working on character-based promotion on G+, since they have a fictional character page option. I only have one at the moment, Grail Muse, otherwise known as RT, who is an online Grail poetry buff psued for Theo Haward from The Haward Mysteries, but for the other Wittegen Press books that are in series, like Cat's Call I'm thinking we may want to introduce a few more.

All in all, there is a good two or three weeks work in addition to writing/editing the book before it is ready to publish - glad I wrote it out, because it shows we can't hit the hopeful deadline we were looking at for Cat's Call 2, which was end of Jan, it will be at least mid Feb and then that depends on when Tash, finishes it.

Well, I did the plan, tick - now we just have to keep to it.

Yesterday's writing slots were taken up finishing some stocking stuffers for . I didn't get as many done as I wanted, because some of them got a bit long, but I managed 4 fairly substantial pieces. I'll just have to send my other friends something later in the year! Today, I'm not sure what my slots will be used for. I'm on that cusp, moving back to work I had to put on hold last year and I always find that a challenge. Once I start writing, I'll be fine, but right now, I find myself doing displacement activities. I don't know why I have this psychological brick wall between me and restarting, or starting (for that matter) a work, but I have to psych myself up :D. I think I'll go reread some of it and that should get my head into the right place.

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