Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Writing Diary 55

Originally posted: Wittegen Press LJ Well, I got listed a lot of stuff we ought to do to promote the press and our books, but I didn't manage to get it formatted into a plan yet!

There turned out to be a lot more stuff than I had anticipated and I only got as far as the mindmap, otherwise known as an info-dump, yesterday, so today's writing sessions are focusing again on promotion and not writing, but this stuff has to be done //sigh//. Some of it is fun, like writing the freebies, but others are more drudgery, like announcing stuff in a dozen different places (the cost of the diversity of the internet, your audience is not in one place anymore).

There's so much to do to promote a new book like Tasha's Advent, searching out blogs that would be interested in a YA vampire novel, posting to our standard forums, planning competitions and give aways. Still, it'll be worth it in the end.

Now I need to go write a project plan!

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