Saturday, 20 April 2013

R is also for Recommendation - Pentatonix

I wasn't planning on doing another post today (since I already have R is for Reveal), but this one fits neatly into 'R' anyway, since I'm going out on a limb to rave about a group I just found out about from a rec on Google+.  This was the vid that was shared:

I love close harmony and acapella anyway, and this was a great mashup of music (mainly throughout the 20th Century). It was good enough that I went to check out their youtube channel,

I listened to their Carol of The Bells (yes I know it's not Christmas, but the sheer depth of this music makes it great to listen to whatever the season)

Then I bought their album from their offical website: (the postage is a bit steep from the US to UK, but I'm a physical album as well as digital type of gal and you get both). I've listened to the album, PTX Volume 1, and I wasn't disappointed. It is an EP, with six tracks, and my favourite by far is Aha!, which is a quick-paced, close-harmony  piece lighter on the beats than some of the other tracks and its flow dragged me right into the centre of the music. It has the overlapping sounds of Carol of the Bells, but with a very modern pace. I had no idea it had a hallowe'en video until I checked out the vid on youtube ;).

I would love to see this group live, but they're only touring North America at the moment.

One more vid - yes, they did their own version of Gangnam Style (of course):

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