Monday, 7 July 2014

Express Yourself Meme - Lines in My Work In Progress

The Express Yourself Meme is hosted by  Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests. And their 'question' this week is In your WIP, what is the last line on page 10, and the first line on page 42?

Well, I have quite a few works in progress at the moment, but not many have 42 pages, if I'm looking at the MS Word format, so I'll go with my ghost story, The Burning Web. I originally published it over the course of this year's A to Z as a part story, but now I'm reworking it into novel format, adding in some moments that wouldn't fit into that format.

So, the last line on page 10 is: Yet, it was even worse when the sounds stopped, leaving his breathing taut and alone.

The first line on page 42 is: "Quite enough, quite enough," Kenneth replied and she realised he was looking at her glass.

I'll be re-releasing The Burning Web over the summer, and look out for a cover reveal soon - here's a teensie preview  :).

I hope these lines give a small hint of the drama in the book, although the second one is a little vague, the first one, I think, expresses the atmosphere of the ghost story :). So, do you have a WIP, pick a couple of lines you think evoke the nature of the work, or, if you're not a writer, how about a favourite book, can you sum it up with just selecting a couple of lines? I challenge you :)


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