Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lots to do, lots to do :P

Today is going to be busy, since I have a host of things to be getting on with and all of them down to me imposing my own deadline for the launch of a new blog: Fantasy Boys XXX. If you hadn't spotted it already from the name, it's a blog for male/male erotic romance, a new series Tasha and I are coming out with to brand some of our erotica work for Wittegen Press. We're launching on 14th Feb (an appropriate date, I thought, for a romance/erotica blog) and we're joining a blog hop on the very same day, the Vampire Bite Blog Hop, since, hey, vampires - we both love them and they go well with passion and romance :).

Sooo, that means I have two stories to write, one for the blog hop and one just to show a bit of variety on our first day. I just finished the vampire story, a rather steamy start to a serial about a mysterious young man who makes an erotic bargain with a vampire lord. But anyone who writes will tell you, finishing the manuscript is about 25% of the work, so it's gone into the editing phase now and I'm moving onto a sci-fi/fantasy short that I've begun which is much more romantic, but no less sensual :). While I'm writing though, I have also to get some coding for the Wittegen Press Website done, because we're moving into new territory with Fantasy Boys XXX and having collections of books, i.e. series, under another series' banner, I suppose like an imprint almost and we currently have no way of grouping that imprint together. Then, of course, there's the blog layout and the associated Google+ page, which meant logos and css and tag lines :). Here's the new logo below: what do you think? Personally, I'm not that happy with the thorns at top and bottom, they were an attempt to balance the image into a square for the likes of G+ profile photos, but I think I may find something more appropriate to twiddle at top and bottom. I do like my dark angel, though ;P.

So, must dash, writing, editing, coding, front covers to develop and a blog post about the fangy ones to write :) I love being busy!

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