Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Territory for me - logo design

Today, I launch on an experiment: I need to design a logo. I'm launching a new set of short stories aimed at the m/m erotica market called 'Fantasy Boys XXX' and rather than just launch the books onto Kindle and the other usual outlets, I'm creating a blog to host posts about upcoming stories, story listings etc  and so I need to come up with a logo.

I've already had a think about it before I start launching into layout and the like. I want to make it simple, probably monochrome and with an outline that people will recognise. Monochrome so that I can change its colour as advertising requires. Recognisable outline so that the words become secondary to the shape that is easily recognised at different sizes.

The other thing I have to consider, although it's called Fantasy Boys XXX, this is both erotica and romance, so I need to convey that in the logo.

If this one comes off, sometime next month I'll need to work on another logo, completely different, a set of novellas for middle grade with some camouflaged teaching of non-verbal and verbal reasoning, maths and comprehension.


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    1. It is most definitely a challenge! :) It's trying to encapsulate everything I want to convey while keeping it simple that is the most difficult thing for me.

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