Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

A Happy and Prosperous New Year!

So 2013 what's in store:
I'm looking forward to 2013. :D

I have a pile of reading to do now that the bustle and joy of Christmas is over. I'm already part the way into Fragile Bones by T.D. Green and then I have Planet Word to read by J.P. Davidson and then The Ghost Story 1840 - 1920: A Cultural History.

I'm working hard on my writing projects too:

  • finishing the sequel to Death In The Family so that it should be out in early 2013. 
  • expanding the novella Bonds of Fire into a full novel.
  • developing book 2 of The Haward Mysteries with my sister, Tasha. Remy and Theo will be getting into another mystery in the first half of 2013.
  • developing a new series of m/m erotic and romance short stories for lovers of lovers in sci-fi and fantasy called Fantasy Boys XXX.

As well as writing, I've been doing a little revamping of the Wittegen Press website. It's mainly back end work making it more maintainable, but the consequence is the book and author listings have a new look and feel with some extra information. You can now check out our authors' blogs right there on their author pages.

So, it's all go in 2013!

I hope everyone has a great year!

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