Thursday, 14 February 2013

I've had my head down for the last week, because I've been putting the finishing touches to a new blog!

Phew! Setting up a new blog takes a lot of effort, but now I can announce...

Wittegen Press Proudly Presents

Fantasy Boys XXX

A blog dedicated to lovers of paranormal, science fiction and fantasy all-male erotica and erotic romance and is linked to the collection of short stories, novellettes and serialised stories of the same name.

On the blog, we'll be posting information about upcoming fiction releases in the Fantasy Boys XXX collection from sexy werewolves to horny wizards, and aliens with more than a passing interest in the male of the species. :)

Expect tantalising extracts and cover reveals, competitions and discussion posts on all things erotically fantastic!
Check out the blog for our newest steamy releases.

So, now all I have to do is finish upgrading the Wittegen Press website, complete my sequel to Death In The Family, write episode 2 of The Vampire's Concubine, Rage and finish another passionate short story for Fantasy Boys XXX called (working title) Cold Crystal Heart. So, I'm not busy or anything, not at all o.O.

Oh, and BTW - Happy Valentine's Day :)

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