Monday, 5 March 2012

Redundancy, Employment Seeking Leave and What Am I Doing With It - Writing a book!

Today is my first official day of Employment Seeking Leave from my company. What does that mean? It means my company is making me redundant and although I am technically still employed by my company for another 3 months, my time is now to be spent in seeking other employment opportunities. So, I basically have 3 months to find another job.

So, I'm taking the first month of that leave and I am using it to write a novel, my second book of that kind of length, but the first one where I have been free to dedicate my work time to it.

My first novel, Sacrifice of An Angel, that was written with my sis, and all my short stories and novellas, were written during lunch hours, at weekends and any time I could scrape together between work and other activities. Being able to write a book as my work, is a novel concept (pun intended :) ). Since moving house, I also have a study in which to write, rather than the dining room table: professional space and the time to make use of it, wow, makes a change.

So, what to do first. Well, actually, I've been writing this novel since last year, in between times, so I have a full breakdown and 16 scenes (35K wds) already under my belt.  I have fed these into Scrivener, a fantastic tool that I have only just discovered, and I am under way. Yay! I'm also a project manager by trade, so, naturally, I have this little project all planned out. I have 37 scenes to complete this month and 19 working days in which to complete them, so approx 2 scenes a day on average. I couldn't do NaNoWriMo last Nov, because I had too much work on, so this month is my NaNo month!

I'm on my third scene today - I'll put that down to first day enthusiasm! :D I aim to finish that third scene today and then call it quits. Don't want to burn out on the first day!

Wish me Luck, Folks!

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