Friday, 9 March 2012

I've joined Kindlegraph

And what does this mean, I hear you cry? :)

 What it means is that I've loaded all my books** up into Kindlegraph's catalogue here.

 Kindlegraph is a service to allow authors to sign their ebooks for readers upon request. It's free, and although it is called Kindlegraph, you don't need a kindle to get an autograph, it outputs pdfs that can emailed to you.

 And this is no rubberstamp tool. Kindlegraph, upon request, will email an author to request a personal message and an autograph. The author then responds and the reader will get a copy of the front cover of the ebook with a personal message underneath. If you have a kindle, this can be delivered direct to that instrument, otherwise, it'll email it. You don't even have to have bought the book, although that would be nice :D - this is a completely free service and is separate from the ebook itself.

 **caveat to that, Tash and I are working on getting our joint books up there, currently we may have to create a separate joint author account, we think. Waiting on help to get back to us.

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