Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Book Review: A Gift of Thought by Sarah Wynde - paranormal thriller with a hint of romance

So after A Gift of Ghosts I bought Sarah's boxset of the first 3 Tassamara books, and, let's just say that I'm hooked. Here is what I thought of number 2.

A Gift of Thought (Tassamara, #2)A Gift of Thought by Sarah Wynde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Have now read two of Sarah's books, I can confirm the addictiveness of her characters and plots is not a one-off fluke. I loved Tassamara #1, and I loved this book too.

Sarah continues her excellent representation of female characters - I thought Sylvie, her lead, was a well-rounded character with believable flaws. She's sometimes pigheaded, especially when it comes to Lucas, whom she has had an on-off (mainly off) relationship with since he was fifteen and she was seventeen. The way Sarah writes these two together is just brilliant - they are madly attracted to each other, but give them five minutes and they'll be fighting. Plus, you'd think being mind readers would help them understand each other, but, oh no, their misunderstandings are spectacular :).

The plot itself is exciting, it reads like a thriller, whereas book #1 read more like a paranormal romance. I don't mind that, I think it gives the series an energy, and I have found myself trusting Sarah with where the book is going.

I read this book in two days. I'm on to #3 now - I haven't devoured books like this for a while - I'm rather enjoying myself :).

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  1. I haven't come across Sarah's work before, but sounds like good stuff. When you can't get enough of a series, you know the author's done something right!

    1. Yes, and it's unusual for me to be so hooked on a series :)


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