Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Express Yourself Meme (EYM) - Favourite Games

So, I saw this on L G Keltner's blog last week: a fun, weekly meme called Express Yourself. It's hosted by  Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests. Well, it's meant to be on Monday's, so I'm a little late already for this week, but they're nice folks and they said that doesn't matter :). 

Each week, Dani and Jackie pose a question for us to wax lyrical on and this week's question is: any fave video games? (or board games if you're not a gamer)

I'm not a big gamer, although I did become addicted to Lemmings in my day and I now have it on by Nintendo DS :). I just love the challenge in finding out what is going on in each level and then working out how to get over/through/under each obstacle and THEN having to be fast enough to actually do it. Plus, the Lemmings are super cute ;). I have three crocheted lemmings at home made by a friend of mine.
It's the puzzles in games that I really enjoy rather than action packed shoot-em ups. Lemmings, Professor Layton, 7th Guest (that's going back a bit as well ;P). Plus I love Elemental on my Android phone and Magic Jigsaw Puzzle and Sudoku on Windows 8. All a bit sedate it you're a fan of Halo,or the like, but I prefer to watch or read my action adventure. :)


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