Sunday, 1 December 2013

Wittegen Press Advent Giveaway 2013 - Day #1 - Out of the Frying Pan by Tasha D-Drake

Welcome to the Wittegen Press Advent Giveaway Day #1
To celebrate this festive season we at Wittegen Press are giving away an eBook a day up until

Today we are giving away 

Out of the Frying Pan by Tasha D-Drake
Out Of The Frying Pan

by Tasha D-Drake

Dan works his magic with food as a new up and coming chef, what he does not need is his restaurant being destroyed by an explosion and ending up trapped with the UK's hottest food critic in what's left of his kitchen. When vampirism enters the equation it makes things a whole lot worse.
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Every day during this giveaway, we are also posting a letter, collect the letters and at the end of Advent, you'll have a message 24 letters long. Tell us what that message in from Christmas Day to New Year and you are in for the chance of winning all 24 eBooks from the giveaway!

Today's letter is H.

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