Wednesday, 11 December 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #39 - A Bid for Freedom & Much, Much More! (PG, Humour)

Suitable for All

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

Author's Note

What can I say? I was in an absurd mood this morning! :)

A Bid for Freedom & Much, Much More
by Sophie Duncan

Mr Fluffy was the most fun hamster Sasha’s dad had ever brought home from work. She watched, fascinated by his antics. He started by climbing up the bars of his cage and swinging across those that made up the roof - sometimes by his teeth! Then he would swing madly when he reached the middle, just in front of the sprung hatch, kicking his back teeth up against it. He'd done that for such a long time, Sasha had wondered if he was going to push open the hatch, but each time, he’d dropped down to the bottom of the cage again.

So, he’d got bored with that and now he was playing on his wheel. He really did seem to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie because first it had been forwards and then backwards in his wheel, faster and faster and then suddenly stopping and being thrown out at all angles. He’d crashed into the side of the cage, into the top, knocked over his little plastic house, even gone sprawling through one of the crawl tubes in one particularly spectacular leap. Yet, still he continued, Mr Fluffy, the acrobatic hamster.

He’d been at his antics so long, Sasha was beginning to get bored watching him, and she was just about to get up and go do something else when, with a loud squeak, Mr Fluffy went flying straight up, slammed into the sprung-loaded hatch on top of the cage and the closing came springing open, leaving Mr Fluffy clinging to the open bars and scrabbling for freedom.

“Oh no, Mr Fluffy, I’m not losing you as well,” Sasha chided and reached for her latest pet.

He squealed, but she picked him up, turned him over, and, before he could bite, rubbed his tummy gently. Mr Fluffy went all floppy in her hand, his head lolling back and his eyes closing in delight. Sasha smiled and continued to stroke until his little bag leg began to waggle in ecstasy. Smiling to herself, Sasha then put Mr Fluffy back in his cage, closed the hatch and put a couple of books on top of it.

Recovering from the mind control his captor had exerted on him, Mr Fluffy righted himself in the corner of his prison and began to clean his whiskers frustratedly.

“Curse you, Small Human, for foiling my plans with my one weakness. Tummy rubs shall not succeed again. I have not forgotten our quest, my brothers-by-genetic-engineering, one day I shall be free to join you and our glorious rodent leaders, and together we shall try to take over the world!”


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  1. This put a big smile on my face. Tummy Rubs .... *cooooos* lovely.
    Pinky and the Brain for the win.

    "Sasha smiled and continued to stroke until his little bag leg began to waggle in ecstasy. " I don't think you meant to use "bag". My prurient mind liked it though.


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