Sunday, 4 November 2012

Tricky Day Ahead

Today is going to be a tricky day for NaNo, so I'm glad I have a few thousand words to spare in the bag. 

#1, I slept in late, because yesterday was a late night and a nervous day (I had trouble concentrating because I was all nervous about the fact that my sister, my brother-in-law and me were going to see someone perform our very first play, okay so it was only 10 minutes, but it was for Halloween and had to be tension building and scary, it managed both in the end, but that didn't stop me being distracted all day worrying about it :P).

#2, we have guests for Sunday Lunch, which means I will get bugger all done this afternoon. It will be a good afternoon, no doubt, but still, NaNo fingers will be a-twitching!

Despite the distraction, I did get a couple of thousand words written yesterday, and, I cheated a bit, I jumped over the awkward scene that I mentioned I had decided I had to write yesterday, because, after half an hour of starting sentences and then erasing them, over and over again, I decided to leave that scene on the back burner of Zen and the Art of Scene Writing. Knowing that scene was there, though, did lead to four new scenes I hadn't planned, since I had a clearer idea of what I was trying to achieve with the 'first day' scenes that I'm currently writing.

I need to drop the reader in slowly, reintroduce the situation for those who have read book 1, Death In The Family, and make it possible to understand what is going on for those who might just have picked the book up to have a read in isolation. This being my first novel-length sequel, this is my first foray into the delicate art of balancing previous book back story with progressing the new plot. I think I'm managing okay, we'll see.

Well, on to day 4, starting late and scrabbling to get some words down before the guests arrive :)

Best Wishes fellow NaNoers, see ya on the other side!

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