Friday, 2 November 2012

Keeping Up The First Flush of NaNo Enthusiasm

I saw some really good first day totals around yesterday, well done everyone. Now, on day 2, we just have to keep up the good work! ;P

It's gonna be a late start for me today, because it's Friday and we (the family, Mama, Papa and my sis) go out for breakfast together. Means I'll be starting a good hour and a half after my start point of yesterday. However, I'm enjoying the story, it seems to be flowing well, although I did note yesterday that afternoon that my pace slowed, so I will have to put in more effort today to maintain the pace all day. I stopped about 4pm yesterday, trying to pace myself and not burn out too early. Today will be later because of the later start.

So, onwards first to breakfast and then to build on my total of 4474.

Good luck NaNoers today! See you on the other side!

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