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Murder Most Foul! - K is for Karma - Cozy Mystery #AtoZChallenge 2016

Welcome to my contribution to the A to Z Challenge. My theme this year is Murder Most Foul, which, for you, my blog visitors, means that you will be sharing in The Case of the Cursed House, or rather the bare bones of it. 

Everyday, I will be revealing more about my developing Cozy Mystery: descriptions of scenes; character details; locations; clues to the mystery. And, at the end of each post, you will have the chance to vote on whodunnit. So, without further ado, on with the case...

Previous parts:

Story Notes Additional Details
DCI Barnwell catches up with the vicar, Sally Tawks as she is heading into the vestry in the church, a large broom and roll of bin bags in hand.

Onsite interview with Sally Tawks:
  ST: Hello, it's DCI Barnwell, isn't it? What terrible news about Bill.
Do you have time to talk, Reverend?
  ST: Of course, and it's Sally. Do you mind if I carry on with this. I've been ignoring these cupboards since I got here 5 years ago and I've finally got up the courage to tackle them. The last straw was when I came looking for a copy of the old prayer books they used here in the 70's and I found a baked bean tin (unopened) that looked like it had been left over from the harvest parcels in the 1950's!
Yes, please do carry on. Anything dangerous in there, old cleaning fluid, things like that.
  ST: not that I've found so far, it's pretty much old oasis and piles of crumbling hymn books.
You knew Bill Whethers?
  ST: yes, he was a friend.
Despite him being an atheist and a womaniser?
  ST: As vicar I am the cure of souls for all people in this parish, believers or not, and I don't limit my friends to those people that believe the same things I do.

As far as the womanising went, I think the collar protected me from his roving eye, and we had had words over it, but Bill was Bill and I haven't - hadn't managed to change him on that score yet.
You'd been seeing more of him recently, though?
  ST: Yes
This is now a murder enquiry, anything you can tell us could help.
  ST: Bill was dying. He had been given a year at most, and it was making him reassess a lot of things - not his religious beliefs, but the legacy he was leaving behind, the memories. He also liked to talk about the afterlife and different belief systems. But mostly he just wanted support and an ear to bend.
Do you know who he told.
  ST: No-one as far as I know, not even Jon, actually, especially Jon. Bill was worried how it would hit him and he didn't know how to share it. He loved him very much and he knew how badly he'd treated him.
Anything else he was reassessing?
  ST: His attitude to the affordable housing. He'd been tying the whole thing up in red tape, the while survey thing, plus, because Court House had rights of access over the private road that leads to Court Farm (they were once one property), he could object to it being turned into a public access road.
  Dying was making him think again.
Had he done anything about that?
  ST: Not as far as I know. You could check with his solicitor H H Ramsdown in Trenterden.

DCI Mags Barnwell
Age: 44
Gender: female
Ethnicity Code: W1
Job: Detective Chief Inspector Kent Constabulary Serious Crime Office

William (Bill) Whethers
Age: 36
Gender: male
Ethnicity Code: W1
Job: horror author
Other info: he opposes a new housing development providing affordable housing to local people. As well as an environmental survey, was also using the private access road to Court Farm, which he part owned, as leverage in the issue of the affordable house. However, there are suggestions that he was planning on withdrawing his objections to the affordable housing.
He's a drunk. Suspected of taking part in black masses by Alice Rigden and half the village.
Death: broken neck from falling down stairs, but was being poisoned by his e-cigarette with arsenic, and it was convulsions that caused him to fall down the stairs. He was dying of lung cancer.

Rev Sally Tawks
Age: 36
Gender: female
Ethnicity Code: W1
Job: vicar of Wittrenham
Other info: has been visiting Bill a lot recently. She knew Bill was dying from cancer and had been a friend to him as he reassessed his life.

Court Farm
Proposed location for the development of the affordable housing. The yard backs onto Court House, Bill Whether's property. Shares a private access road with Court House.

Court House
A regency era house.
Home of Bill Whethers.
A few doors down from the shop and the church.
Other information: Alice Rigden called it 'cursed'. Shares a private access road with Court Farm.

And now it's time to vote again - just take a punt - who do you think killed Bill Whethers (and yes, every character is listed - you never know ;P)?

Who dunnit?

Aisha Kakkar
Debbie Fincher
Dave Fincher
Jonathan Lee
Janice Walker
Lorri Walker
Hal Walker
Fred Walker
Alice Rigden
DS Kevin Williams
DCI Mags Barnwell
Lord Michael, Earl of Oxen
Lady Emma, Countess of Oxen
Dr Elves
Rev Sally Tawks
Bethany Mortby
Lady Elizabeth Ryeman
Vic Walker
None of the above, we haven't met them yet
Don't be silly, I don't know enough yet!
Poll Maker

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  1. Hmm . . . wondering again, rethinking my choice for the doer! :)

  2. Lol me too Yolanda!

    Nice twist and interesting too... I'm so glad I have a smartphone so I can keep up with this whilst I'm at Flame Off after tomorrow! So glad the A to Z isn't held over a longer period so we can find out by the end of this month :D

    Mars xx
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  3. I think Sally was lying. I bet she was involved with him at some point. Never believe what they say to the police :-)

    Cheers - Ellen |

  4. I'm with Cynical Sailor. We're going to find out Sally was involved with him at least once. Whether that matters is another thing.

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
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  5. Mhm... I'm starting to think Bill's death has more to do with business than with personal issues.

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