Monday, 21 September 2015

Monster Mondays - Monster Me!

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This one's going to be short today, because this post is in way of a mea culpa, since the monster today is me! Yep, that's right, and I'm blaming it on a very long Sunday at work. It wasn't a bad day, or anything, in fact it was rather rewarding, but I have to say that I am falling asleep on my feet this morning. And tiredness turns me into a monster of absolute unreasonableness!

Everything is too much trouble, I mean, this morning I caught myself being upset about having to go upstairs and collect laundry for washing - how unreasonable to expect myself to have to go and get the clothes that I wanted to wash, I was grumbling all the way up and all the way down the stairs. And everything takes too long - I had to wait for the kettle to boil - actually wait - me - Super Grouchy Morning Diva!

I also got very annoyed with inanimate objects. This morning I swore at and threw my coat across the room because it had the audacity to slide off the banister where I had rather haphazardly put it. Heaven forbid that my coat should obey the laws of gravity!

So now I have to go to work, and so I think I shall need to sit with a cup of tea for a little while and reign in my tetchiness, my impatience, and my monster of irrational unreasonableness...

Do any situations turn you into an irrational grouch?

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