Monday, 17 August 2015

Monster Monday: The Evil Dead

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I first saw Sam Raimi's Evil Dead when I was a teenager and it scared the pants off me! :)

Since then I have learnt to respect the rough-around-the-edges movie with its mixture of over-the-top horror and surprisingly subtle chills. And the reason - the demons.

For those who don't know, Evil Dead is a story about a group of college kids on a weekend vacation who discover a book, Naturom Demonto/Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, or as we'd say, the Book of the Dead. Reading from it brings to life ancient Sumerian demons and gives them leave to possess the living.With the book is found a tape recording of the archaeologist who unearthed it, who helpfully reading out the cursed passages.

What follows, as I've said, on one level is a pretty OTT horror, but the bits that get me every time are when Cheryl and Linda are possessed. Cheryl is the first to succumb to the demons and thus her transformation is the most shocking. The makeup is not brilliant, but she carries with her a menace that not all the others manage.

However, it is Linda's transformation that always gets me - she goes from a bit of a whiney young woman into a girly, giggling demon with psychotic tendencies. At one point, she just sits cross-legged on the floor watching the mayhem, giggling and twirling her hair. I can hear that screeching titter now and it still gives me the creeps. ::shudder::

There is no redeeming someone once these demons have got hold (not in the first movie, anyway). All they want to do is kill and cause havoc. They are truly the Evil Dead!

Do you find horror movies involving possession scary?

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