Thursday, 7 August 2014

Express Yourself Meme - Who Were Your Celebrity Crushes When You Were A Teen?

I'm really late with my EYM post this week, sorry, but it has been exciting week what with The Wittegen Press site revamp :).

The Express Yourself Meme is hosted by  Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests. And their 'question' this week is Who Were Your Celebrity Crushes When You Were A Teen?

I had loads of celebrity crushes when I was a teen. I suppose my first would have been Morten Harket from A-ha. I had T-shirts, posters, albums and any magazine article I could get my hands on. Both my twin sister and I shared the crush, in fact we shared most of our celebrity crushes :).

Then there were Jeff Yagher, who played Kyle Bates, the rich boy turned resistance fighter in V The Series - I was so upset he always played villains in other stuff. Apparently he's a special effects wizard as well as an actor, so he does a lot of work behind the camera too.

Michael Praed as Robin of Sherwood, first time a hero crush of mine died on screen (I cried for days), and then he went and did it again in Dynasty! And then again in Son of Darkness, where he played a vampire, who ends up dead too. I wasn't holding out much hope for him surviving in Nightflyers, which is an adaptation of a George R R Martin short story - I won't tell you what happens.

Jason Patric as Michael from The Lost Boys. If you've read this blog before you will know it was the movie that got me into vampires and I might have mentioned that it was the whole half-vampire idea and Michael's struggle to free himself of it that endeared me to the toothy ones :).

And those are just some of my celebrity real people crushes - I did have crushes on some cartoon characters and puppets as well (no, not Kermit the Frog), I always rather liked Jen from The Dark Crystal, and then there was Mark from Battle of the Planets, (lots of people liked Jason, but I always preferred Mark). AND I'm going to stop there, because, seriously, we could be here all day.

So, who were/are your celebrity crushes?


  1. Okay this is going to really date me, but I had a huge crush on Paul Peterson, who played the son from The Donna Reed Show. I even wrote a poem or two about him.

    1. I don't think that show ever made it to the UK, but I googled him. Aww, what a sweet crush. That show must have been on air for sometime considering how he grew up so nicely on camera. ;P


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