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Guest Interview with Authors Julia Matthews & Vickie Matthews

Today I'm welcoming back one of  my previous guest posters, Julia Matthews, and, accompanying her is her writing partner, Vickie Mathews. They're here to promote their upcoming release (12th March 2014) Witch & Wolf,  and before I give the details of the book itself, I had a few questions for Julia and Vickie.


Can you tell us a little about yourselves?
Julia (daughter) and Vickie (mother) are a mother/daughter writing team. Guess you could say Julia does the writing and Vickie does the story telling. We both work on the editing, cover designs, and other marketing aspects. Vickie loves to watch Julia sit and turn an idea into an amazing scene that she can envision without being in front of a television. Julia loves the time that they spend together working out how the story needs to go. Julia’s say the best part is when Vickie is editing and she runs across one of her major blooper typo’s and burst into a hysterical fit over some part that was meant to be dead serious, but the mistype makes it hilarious.

Tell us about your book. 
Witch & Wolf is an adult paranormal romance about Randal Wolf who wants Joslyn safe from the Other Kin Elders, because they wish her to fulfil only part of a prophecy about her, but when they get to close to her he finds out she’s his natural mate. Going against one’s natural instinct isn’t easy, which is what Randal is faced with when Joslyn asked to fulfil the entire prophecy about her own self, so they can seal their natural mate connections.

Do you have a favourite character from your book? Why? 
Surprisingly we agree that Joslyn is their favourite character, because she’s a survivor and keeps her eye on the overall main goal.

Do you have any advice for other writers? 
Julia says don’t let the unknown hold you back. You won’t be able to know what you are truly capable of if you don’t try it a couple of times. Vickie says don’t give up on your dreams. You never know when, where, or how they may come true.

What is your favourite genre and why? 
Vickie doesn’t have a favourite genre to read in. To her if it can gain her interest in the first couple of pages then the book is a hit. Her writing preference is in Adult Paranormal Romance. Julia reads in pretty much any genre, except non-fiction. Prefers to write in M/M Paranormal and Adult Paranormal Romance, as well as adding in some Sci-Fi/Fantasy aspects into her stories.

Do you have conversations with your characters? 
Vickie and Julia both do. Julia not only conversations, she will dream about the characters. In fact when she was writing Witch & Wolf, one of the scenes with Randal came to her while she was asleep. She was exhausted and didn’t want to get up to jot it down, so she tried to ignore it. Big mistake. Randal turned into snarling half human half wolf figure who was screaming line after line of dialogue at here. Needless to say she got up and wrote the scene so she could get some sleep.

If you could invite one character from your books to dinner, who would it be? 
Both Vickie and Julia say Joslyn. Vickie, because of her never roll over and die attitude. Julia would also want to figure out how she got the courage to bide her time to face off with the Other Kin Elders.

Are you a dog or a cat person, why? 
Either, but Vickie has two dogs and Julia has one dog.


Witch and Wolf Novel by Julia and Vickie Matthews
Witch & Wolf
by Julia and Vickie Matthews

Randal Wolfe goes on a hunt for the Other Kin Elders; only to find out they are liars. He goes from a hunter of Other Kin to a full time proctor from afar. When the from afar becomes impossible, Randal realizes that the Witch Other Kin he’d been watching was his natural mate. Were Other Kin nature demands he claim her. Common sense says wait until threat is eliminated. Which will win out?

Other books by Julia & Vickie Matthews

Journey To A Mate (Book 1 of Journey Series)

Every panther shifter dreams of finding their Mother Earth mate. Some never do. Tally King, the son of the Pride Master of London Pride knows he's to mate to daughter of Miss Donna. Problem is, she's not contacted him. He knows something is wrong. When he finds her, and his mate will his mate have chosen another or will she be his one true love?

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