Tuesday, 12 November 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 12 and the end of the easy ride for me :)

So, it's day 12 and I'm happy with my total so far, 35K, but from here on in, it's gonna get tougher for me for one simple reason, I'm coming to the end of the plot for the novella that this novel is based on. Despite it being a complete rewrite, having that foundation underneath has meant I haven't had any of my normal struggles with direction, well mostly: there have been a couple where I've ripped up the whole scene are started again, because I wasn't happy with the tone, but I knew where the plot had to go, because I don't want to disappoint those who have read the novella by doing something completely different. The point is to build on that story, not rip it apart.

It has been interesting reworking the novella, because I had to slip some extra ideas into the scenes that made up the original, which sometimes have meant a slight emphasis shift in the whole scene. And in yet others, despite me trying to use the original as a guide only and not relying on the old text, have come out surprisingly similar, to the point where I've found whole turns of phrases that have appeared in both scenes when I've compared them. That tells me my writing style hasn't changed that much in the two years since I wrote it. I hope it is getting tighter with the practice I'm putting in with FB3X Drabble Cascades, but my basic sense of expression is still very much me. :)

Another thing that has become apparent during the reworking is that writing a novel has a very different feel to a novella. I thought I'd do a little comparison between the length of the novella and the new novel so far, and, considering they cover the same plot, there is a 15K difference in length. I can only put this down to the bits that I could leave out of the novella for pace and the fact it was a short format. To get the character feel right for the novel, the scenes have extended and the pace is not quite so fast. I don't think I've put in anything that is unnecessary (although the rereading of the first draft once it is complete may lead to chunks being erased, I can be a vicious editor ;P), the whole thing just needed a bit more depth. I've given the empaths, Yakov and Malachi more of a back story, because that's important for later in the plot, and dropped in a few snippets about my main character, Drekken, as well, again, seeding the rest of the story, but it's not just the additions that have lengthened the piece.

So, onwards into new territory. I have notes and plot plans for the rest of the book, but no more crutches of being able to go and reread the old text to kick my imagination into gear. I'm off exploring :).

I hope other NaNoers are having as much fun as I am. Keep it up folks!

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