Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Blogger Book Fair 22nd - 26th July 2013: Wittegen Press is setting out its stall!

Blogger Book Fair 22nd - 26th July 2013

We at Wittegen Press are excited to announce that we're setting out our stall at the Blogger Book Fair this July (22nd to 26th). 

It's going to be a huge, fun event featuring 203 authors and book bloggers and 417 books! Every day you'll be able to travel around hundreds of blogs and read about books, characters, author information, book reviews, fun events and giveaways. Whatever your genre preferences from romance through to steampunk, there'll be a book in there for you and many others besides.

I'll be posting again in a few days about the authors I'll be hosting here on this blog and where you'll be able to find my posts and books during the fair. Also, I'll have news of a fantastic giveaway that we'll be hosting during the Book Fair, here on this blog, over at Tasha's Thinkings and on Fantasy Boys XXX as well.

So, Check-in to Blogger Book Fair Resort, and BOOK your trip to Far Away Places!

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