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My Death In The Family Literary+ Blog Tour Starts Tomorrow (27th August 2012)

I'm really excited now! I have three posts written for my blog tour that starts tomorrow and I'm currently working on the 4th. If you're interested, below is the schedule for the tour and the topics of my posts.

I'm doing some promotion for my current book release, Death in The Family, but I'm also talking about a whole bunch of topics that I find interesting and I hope everyone else will find interesting too :).

To kick off the tour, I've been writing ghosts, vampires and any other paranormal beastie that I fancy for many a year, both in fanfic and my original stories, so I've jumped in with a couple of posts, one on vampires specifically (yes, I am a little obsessed with them, you should see my book and dvd collection), and one on the nuances between horror and paranormal fiction, in my eyes of course.

Then I'm waving the flag for romance and erotica writers with two posts, one looking at erotica and romance, their overlaps and their differences, and another on the sometimes complex subject of multiple partners at the same time, i.e. menage, love it or hate it, you have to admire the writer who can keep track of all those arms and legs :P.

Day five sees me launch into a subject close to my heart: the plucky sidekick. Where would Batman be without Robin (and don't say The Dark Knight Rises :P), Holmes without Watson?

Days 6 and 7, I'm going to be focusing more on the writing art/obsession. Day 6: feedback can be wonderful and soul destroying for a writer, but, nearly always informative, even the non-constructive kind can suggest marketing gaps and the like. And finally, I'm going to be writing about what it means to be a writer, to love it and, at times, to hate it.

If you have time next week, please pop along to my wonderful hosts' blogs and take a look.

Death In The Family Literary+ Blog Tour Schedule:

  • 27th August 2012: Is it the teeth? - vampires and why we like them. Host: Brooke Johnson
  • 28th August 2012: Scare me, Shock me - paranormal fiction vs horror. Host: A. K. Flynn
  • 29th August 2012: For Mature Eyes Only - when does romance become erotica? Host: JD Savage
  • 30th August 2012: There were 3 in the bed... ménage, ewww or gimme gimme! Host: Tressa Green
  • 31st August 2012: The Sidekick - plucky, loyal and just a tad annoying :) Host: Paul Carroll
  • 1st September 2012:Feedback - Taking It - Giving It - Enjoying It. Host: Leonard Suskin
  • 2nd September 2012: Mad With It - The Highs and Lows of A Writing Imperative Allisyn Bridges

Death In The Family (Heritage is Deadly #1)

Leaving a good London school with solid prospects, Tom Franklin has the world at his feet. Yet one thing has always haunted his perfect life: his dreams. When Tom discovers that the nightmarish images of dark places and even darker instincts are in fact repressed memories from his early childhood, he must face the heritage from his birth-father, a savage vampire known only as Raxos.

Realising his memories are his only hope of controlling his awakening instincts, Tom returns to, Coombedown, the sleepy, Cornish village in which he was born, unknowing that the night-breed in his veins will lead him into danger.

Death In The Family is a young adult, paranormal novel.

Literary+ is a mar­ket­ing ini­tia­tive which was founded and led by Shen Hart. This is a time of evo­lu­tion and progress, the mar­ket is being opened up to e-books and self-publication. As a fel­low writer, Shen under­stands that self-publication is a hard and often lonely road. She started Lit­er­ary+ to bring together authors and related cre­ative spe­cial­ities with the goal of help­ing each other. With a tight knit, friendly and wel­com­ing com­mu­nity at its core, Lit­er­ary+ holds a strong focus on mar­ket­ing. As Lit­er­ary+ con­tin­ues to grow and evolve it will use inno­vat­ing, orig­i­nal and exper­i­men­tal mar­ket­ing meth­ods and schemes to get its member’s books into their reader’s hands.

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