Tuesday, 2 April 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade - Hello Honey (PG, YA Paranormal Adventure)

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

Author's Note
With vampires there is always one ball and chain: blood. This week's word, 'chain', got me thinking about my own pet vampire, Tom, from The Heritage is Deadly series. ;)

Hello Honey
(Heritage is Deadly Interlude)
Sophie Duncan

Tom sat slowly down on the manor roof, crossing his legs and placing his hands deliberately on his knees. His stomach clenched as he looked down at the small flask he'd already placed in front of him, but deliberately, he paused.

No physical chains held him here, but this was it, the tie of blood that bound him to the manor, to Coombedown and everything else about his new supernatural life.

His gums ached.

Finally, Tom reached for the thermos and simultaneously let his body shift. The darkness lit up, but Tom focused on the inconspicuous little flask.

"Hello, Honey."

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  1. Nice. It's amazing how much emotion can be conveyed in so few words.

    1. Thank you.

      I was trying to be a bit obtuse about the way Tom was feeling, so the reader could decide for themselves - it's something I've always been bad at, I've always wanted to tell the reader everything and make sure they understand, so I thought I'd practice.

  2. I like the tone you've set and how his emotions come across :)

  3. Love in a bottle or in this case flash. Not an example of the classic fanged fiction but more.


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