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Paranormal Romance Blog Hop: Give Us Your Best Excerpt!

Thanks to Jolie Du Pre over at Precious Monsters for organising this hop :D. Pop on over here to see the other blogs involved in the hop, who are all sharing excerpts from their Paranormal Romances too.

But first, since you've stopped by, here's an excerpt from my m/m Paranormal (erotic) Romance, The Need In Me, which you could win by filling in the Rafflecopter below.

Struggling artist, Rob, has come to London to make his name. However, moving into a flat in an old house, he finds himself with some unwanted attention. Someone else is sharing the flat with him, someone he can’t see, but whose terrifyingly erotic presence makes itself known. After a series of very direct messages, Rob must head back to his home county, Cornwall, to discover who lies behind the heady encounters.

Rob woke slowly and stretched. He wasn't sure why instincts told him of familiar things until he opened his eyes and consciousness informed him that he was in his own bed in his grandmother's house. The afternoon sun was coming in through the window and, completely unaware of what had happened after he had fallen asleep in the car, Rob sat up.

He was naked, covered only by his duvet, which was rather a surprise, since he had been in jeans and a shirt when he could last remember. However, what had to have been a long sleep made more sense to Rob than what he had been feeling the night before and guilt about how he had treated Buki crept up on him. Rob climbed out of bed, grabbed a set of painting overalls from the back of the door and, pulling them on, left the room to find out what he had put his new friend through since practically passing out on him.

As soon as he was in the corridor, Rob heard voices coming from downstairs in the conservatory, which was where his grandmother usually worked, and so, feeling quite lively, he trotted down the stairs to find her. What he found was Buki, all long limbs and dark eyes, lying on a chaise and his grandmother at her easel, sketching him. Rob paused at the door, admiring the way the would-be actor was stretched out over the chaise and knew exactly why his grandmother had decided to draw. However, his arrival did not go unnoticed for long, and Buki sat up when he noticed Rob and that alerted his grandmother.

"Darling!" she dropped the charcoal she was using and hurried over to him. "Are you alright now? Buki and I were quite worried."

"I'm fine, thank you," Rob kissed his grandmother and then nodded his open gratitude to Buki.

The swipe he then received across his bicep was not unexpected, but Rob made a hurt face at his grandmother for good measure as she scolded, "Don't do anything so foolish again."

"Me?" he objected, "You gave me the card case."

"You didn't have to go making love to ghosts," his grandmother replied and then hugged him again. "Go and sit down with Buki, I'll see if your clothes are finished in the tumble drier yet."

Rob did as he was told, there was no point in arguing with his grandmother when she was in control mode, and whatever he had done had clearly uneased her. Buki shifted over and made room for him and as he sat down, Rob smiled at his new friend and asked cautiously, "What did I do that meant my clothes had to be washed?"

"You fell in the puddle in the driveway," Buki replied. "That's when I realised you weren't all there and had to carry you inside."

"You lifted me?" Rob didn't quite believe it: there was nothing of Buki.

"Fireman's lift, you'd be amazed who can carry what like that," Buki shrugged.

"Thank you," Rob replied sincerely and suddenly found emotions coming at him in a rush. "Thank you for everything. You don't even know me, and you put me up for a night and then drove me all the way down here."

Buki smiled then and Rob recognised the look in his eyes.

"You're too cute to let you get your bum kicked by a ghost," he quipped and elbowed Rob in the ribs.

It wasn't the best come-on in the world, but Rob recognised it and took a closer look at the sparkle in Buki's dark eyes.

"You barely know me," he repeated, leaning in a little just to check he was reading the man right.

Buki's cheeks were the most attractive shade of pink then and his gaze gained a faraway look as he admitted, "I feel I got to know you quite well last night."

Rob didn't usually jump guys, but then he didn't normally get them to drive him two hundred miles after knowing him for less than 24 hours either, so he was beginning to realise the rules didn't apply in his life at the moment. Buki was good looking and easy going and generous, three things that meant Rob was not inclined to refuse the instinct to close the gap between them. Smiling, he leant forward all the way and, just as their lips touched, he closed his eyes. A thrill took him from head to foot when Buki pushed back rather harder than he was expecting and he had no choice but to go with the movement that aimed him down against the end of the chaise longue.

Rob quickly discovered that Buki was not backward in his approach to the embrace, because once he was partially underneath the other man, Rob found hands wandering not only over his overalls, but the poppers were no hindrance to Buki's fingers as he pushed them inside. The clothing was loose and Rob gasped his pleasure as nails teased his hip bone. Buki was wearing far too much clothing to make it that easy for Rob, but he did pull up Buki's T-shirt and stroked his spine. That made Buki push against him in a delightfully titillating way and Rob murmured into the kiss.



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  1. My favorite line? "I feel I got to know you quite well last night." HOT!! Thank you for joining the hop!

    Precious Monsters

  2. Great excerpt! Making love to ghosts? I'm intrigued.

    1. :) Thanks for stopping by. This ghost is pretty insistent.

  3. Well alright :) that's one heck of a thank you. LOL

  4. I'm intrigued. A ghost? Hm...



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