Friday, 17 July 2015

Book Review: A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde - paranormal adventure with a nice little current of romance.

So I just finished a book I had to shout about, because I loved it and I want to read more about the characters of Tassamara. There aren't many books that make me feel like that. I did a review at Goodreads, so here it is :).


A Gift of Ghosts (Tassamara #1)A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I picked this book up by chance, and I am very glad I did. I loved it!

This book is a well-written, fast-paced read, which kept me turning pages, to the point where I almost made myself late for work, twice, because I was reading it on my exercise bike in the mornings, and I ignored the timer on the bike wanting to finish one more section.

Akira and her situation are not hard to get into, the book leads the reader in quickly and lightly, and, what was more, I was instantly interested in her. She's a scientist, she needs a job and she's on her way to an interview when we meet her. Neither the interview, nor the town of Tassamara are quite what she expected them to be, and they accept her and her 'quirk' like long lost friends. Plus there's a quirky, hunky boss who catches her eye as well.

Akira doesn't trust easily, she's hidden a secret all her life, and the book gradually works through that secret, opening her past and her future up to us. It's nicely done. Nothing leaves the reader hanging too long, just enough to ensure we stay interested. There's angst and comfort, love and loneliness, guilt and friendship, and it all balances out to a great adventure with some romance thrown in.

I really enjoyed this book and I want more. :D

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::UPDATE:: - After posting this review, I decided I liked the book so much I'd search out Sarah's other books, and she had a boxset of the Tassamara ones on Amazon, so I bought it! :)


  1. Sounds interesting! I can't believe how many authors I've never heard of.

    1. I have found quite a few authors by accident, or should that be serendipity? :)


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