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Book Review - A Gift of Time by Sarah Wynde (Tassamara #3) - paranormal adventure and a little love thrown in too - I want more!

So I've finished book three now as well, and that's the end of the Tassamara box set! I am now bereft of more Tassamara stories. I want more, lots more! Anyway, while I wander into the corner and pine for my loss, here's my review of book 3.

A Gift of Time (Tassamara #3)A Gift of Time by Sarah Wynde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've been devouring Sarah's Tassamara books with glee since I found them a couple of weeks ago, but initially I thought I wasn't going to like this third one as much as the other two. I was so wrong.

It begins as it means to go on (on hours after the end of the last book), with a wallop. Natalya sees the future like others have memories, and she has had a dreadful premonition in her mind for ten years. It is coming true as this book opens, but it's not going the way she's seen it for a decade. That's intriguing and kept me reading, but I wasn't as enamoured with Natalya as I have been with Akira and Sylvie. Turns out, she's a slow burner! So, I have to lay my concerns down at the foot of only one thing, our male protagonist is called Colin. Apparently for Americans, and I have checked with a few, this is a sexy name. Not so for Brits ;P.

Anyway, I put my English prejudice aside and carried on reading. It settles to an even pace, information slowly trickling in, Colin and Natalya failing to get back together (yes, those of you who have read book 2 will recognise the star-crossed lovers trope in use again, but the premise is different, so go with it - it's worth it ;P). I did want to bash their heads together, but then I did with Sylvie and Lucas as well.

It's while I reading this slow burn start to the book that I realised there is pattern to Sarah's stories, and I like it. They do go gradually into the story, introducing characters, giving me something to hang on to and people to empathise with, and then, when the climax hits, it's a hang on to your hats rollercoaster of action and emotion. And, the ending, well, it left me grinning all over my face, and that is all I'm going to say about it, but that's the reason for the 5 stars - Sarah is so good at endings!

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