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Guest Post: Journey Revealed Conclusion of Journey Series by Julia Matthews

Today I am very happy to welcome Julia Matthews to my blog, and she has given me some information about her latest book release:

Journey Revealed 
Conclusion of Journey Series

Finally! Carlito wanted to shout, and scream, he found her. His Mother Earth mate. Two interruptions, two slip, and her lack of recognizing they were mates made no sense. Information was needed. She was a witch, so why hadn’t she reacted. Why had she been scared of the clan master of the South Beach Clan? All those things had to be answered. Not only that he had to find out who and where she was. Could it be done? Would it open more cans of worms? Would it lead to the conclusion of the King, Singer, and Laker intertwined life journey?  
Releasing Feb 24th 2014!

About Julia
My family is small, just me, mom and dad. They have stayed together for over 30 years. They are very supportive in anything I decided to do, whether they agree to it or not. I grew up Mt. Airy, NC. Most would know it by hometown of Andy Griffith and the Andy Griffith show. Lived there till about 2007 then moved to Winston Salem. I’m a huge animal lover. I have a pug, which is spoilt worse than a child, according to my mom. Then there’s my mom’s toy poodle, and the newest addition is the shin-tzu.

Where to find Julia:

I played softball and enjoyed school. I’ve not completed a college education, but I do strive to learn the things that I enjoy doing. Like when I decided to get into self-publishing. I knew nothing about it and my grammar suck to high heaven. So I began to teach myself the ropes of each. Of course there’s been struggles and trials, but by doing it this way I feel I’ve truly excelled and achieved a much better education. I also love to work with numbers, computers, and of course to create things. It doesn't matter what I create, whether it’s a coloring photo, my very pood drawings, wood burning, crocheting, and painting figurines. As long as I create something, but writing a story will always top the list of what I love to create.

I got into writing in elementary school as part of my therapy for ptsd originally. However, it helped me in other areas of my life. It is what allowed me to keep my sanity. Living with what people call mental illness is not an easy thing for anyone. It’s a continuous daily struggle. Medication can help, but it won’t cure it completely. You have to learn the skills that best help you and make sure to practice them in every aspect of your life. At some point it becomes easier to do this without even thinking. Some areas it will come quicker, and other areas you will struggle. Just know there is hope and not to quit fighting the battle.

I am a firm believer that you can’t learn if your mistakes aren’t point out to you, or if you fail to listen. Criticism is hard on anyone, but in the long run it will help you grow. Just don’t get bogged down about it. Remember that you are the one that has to be happy in the end with everything you do. It doesn't matter if it’s writing a story, or if it’s cooking a meal. Just take pride in what you do and live your life.

Now my goal is to just keep advancing my writing skills, better my advertising skills, and my computer skills. I know I can do this as long as I can keep my imaginations flowing.

Writing a story is

  • Bringing a story to life
  • Letting a bit of yourself, rather known or hidden come to life
  • Expression yourself in a way that one you can imagine
  • Is letting your creativitiy flow and grow in a way that others can see what you see inside your head.
  • What saved me
  • Gives me the strength to keep fighting from day to day
  • Give me the strength to push forward in my life

For these reason I strive to bring the best of my imagination to life and share with others.

My writing is completely fictional, but it expresses parts of my life, whether others interpret it how I had originally meant it. I believe that each type of art, whether it writing novels, movies, television shows, or painting, sculpting, architecture is open to the reader or viewers interpretation. They may not see what the creator was aiming for, but that’s fine as long as it appeals to them in some way that affect them personally or indirectly. That’s to me is what I feel is most important. No interpretation is wrong and no one should be criticized for his or her interpretation of any type of art.

So read and view everything for yourself. Just remember to allow yourself to interpret with freedom and without fear of how others view how you see things.


More Books in The Journey Series

Journey To A Mate (Co-written with Vickie Matthews)

Every panther shifter dreams of finding their Mother Earth mate to spend the rest of their lives with, some never find it. Others, like Tally King, the son of the Pride Master of London Pride, has known who his other half would be since he was eight. That’s when Tally’s father arranged for him to mate with the daughter of Miss Donna, even though she lived in the United States. Problem is Miss Donna hasn’t contacted him, and all letters have been returned. Tally is determined there’s a reason and sets out to search for her and his arranged mate. He’s warned that when he finds her that he would face complications. Will those complications make his long search a waste of time? Or will he finally find his Mother Earth mate, that one true love that everyone desires.

Buy Links:

Anything For A Mate

U.S were-panthers live different than the British ones. Andrew King knew this and knew this move would change his life. He just didn’t know how much, till the day he met his Mother Earth mate, Keith Singer. Would finding this man destroy his life? His mate thinks not and swears he will do anything for his mate. That statement is put to the test when a secret hidden for four generations comes to life.

Buy Links:

Claiming My Mate

For forty years, Robert and Dragon lived separate even though they are Mother Earth mated. Both secretly wanted the other. 

Robert felt it impossible. Three reasons at first, now only one. A seer indirectly tells Robert, to fix his life, dive into his past. Robert listens, only finds lies and secrets. Will this help or hinder his chance with Dragon. Will Dragon forgive him or toss him to the side.

Dragon’s dead set his Mother Earth mate isn’t getting away from him again, at least, not without an explanation. Problem is, he only knows his name. Can he locate him? If he does, will it only to be rejected again?

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