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Guest Post and Interview with Young Adult Author, April Margeson

Today, I'm excited to be welcoming young adult author, April Margeson, to my blog, where she'll be answering a few questions and also giving us some information about her new book series, Waking Up Dead.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I live in Tennessee with my family. I have been writing all my life and I enjoy reading Young Adult Fiction.

Tell us about your book(s).
My books are stories that will pull at your emotions and make you lose yourself in the world that I have created.  All of which are stories about a new life, whether it be that it is a welcome change or not.  It is all about the issues that my characters have to face and how they make it through them.

Writing – why?
I write because I have to.  It is more than something that I enjoy doing.  It is a need.

Do you have a favourite character from your book(s)? Why?
It would have to be Laynie from my Waking Up Dead series.  She is such a strong character, but she has a weak side as well.  The way that she believes herself to be a monster, yet she still feels love for others.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Just do it. Don’t worry about selling or people wanting to read it. Just write it and do it with everything inside you.

What is your favourite genre and why?
I love Young Adult Fiction and the many sub-genres.

Do you have conversations with your characters?
Yes.  Sometimes out loud and everyone thinks I’m totally nuts.

Do you have any odd (writing) habits?
I yell at myself when I write something that I don’t fully agree with.

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

About April

April Margeson lives in Tennessee with her family. She is the bestselling author of two Young Adult Fiction series, Waking Up Dead, which includes Chaos and Redemption, Also the Ultimate Power series, which includes Beginning and The War. Random Scribbles poetry collections Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 as well as Demon's Death (a short story) are all available on Amazon.

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About Waking Up Dead

Chaos (Waking Up Dead #1)

Laynie goes to a party against her mother's judgment. She finds herself with a mysterious young man, Aden. He's easy to talk to and she feels comfortable around him. The last thing that she can remember is sitting outside, alone with him, when he lunged for her throat. The piercing pain is still fresh.

After waking up in a field, held down by an unseen force, Laynie realizes that Aden had changed her into something, but she wasn't sure what she was. The burning in her throat forces her to drink from a feeding animal. Her phone rings. It was him.

Now Aden is stalking her, wanting to help her settle in to her new life, but there is much more to being a vampire than she could imagine.

Soon, her whole life is twisted into a Pandora's box of sorts.

Her mother wants her dead and a powerful witch is hunting her maker. After falling in love with Aden she meets Max, a powerful witch that Aden has called on for help. Both of them are desperate for her love, but only one of them wants it for the right reasons. Max is captivating, but her heart lies with Aden. When Aden pushes her to be a maker everything changes. Laynie finally loses control and hurts the one person that she dearly loves. Not even Alice can help her now.

Available from Amazon:

Redemption (Waking Up Dead #2)

Laynie is distraught over the harm that she has caused. The witch, Alzar is closing in and doom is just around the corner. Alzar and Max have a wild card of their own secretly hidden.

Aden will soon pay for his evil deeds and with that the price will be the ultimate one.

Laynie falls weak over the happenings in her life, but now more secrets have been uncovered and the man that she had thought was her father actually wasn't. When she learns who her father truly is, she panics. Alice tries her best to help her come to terms with everything that is happening, but Laynie refuses and disappears into a perfect little bubble inside herself, oblivious to the outside world.

What Laynie doesn't know is that every moment that she stays there is making it harder for her to come back to the real world.

Max calls on Aden's ghost for help, but not even the most powerful of magic can bring her back. All she wants is to not be the creature that she is. She just wants a second chance.

Alzar offers Laynie a choice, but is her heart strong enough to make the right decision?


  1. Always nice to find a fellow Author, especially one who writes in the same genre :-F Chaos and Redemption sound fascinating and I can't wait to sink my teeth into them once my new novel The Rising, Antiserum Part II has released. I've flittered around and liked all your pages... Kudos!

    Patricia Carrigan
    Author Antiserum Series


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