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Guest Post: Baseball Bat, Machete or Crowbar: Which One Is Most Effective Against Zombies? by Jolie du Pre

Today, I would like to welcome author, Jolie du Pre to my blog. She's recently released the first book in a new adult/romance/zombie apocalypse series, BENTON, and so, unsurprisingly, she talking today about zombies. So, without further ado, over to Jolie. :)


Baseball Bat, Machete or Crowbar: Which One Is Most Effective Against Zombies?

The zombie craze is in full swing in modern media right now.  It has sparked a lot of video games, movies, and a top zombie TV show. There’s also many zombie books, such as my zombie apocalypse/new adult romance novel Benton: A Zombie Novel, Volume One. Yes, there's been lots of conversations, and perhaps the most pertinent discussion to start up has to do with effective weapons to use during a zombie outbreak. Baseball bat, machete or crowbar: which one is most effective against zombies? Whether it's in real life or video games, these melee weapons become a hot point of discussion.

So which one is the best? As we'll find out in this article, it depends on the situation. So suit up and get ready to boot up your weaponry for the impending Apocalypse!

Baseball Bat

Nearly every household has one of these, and if they don't, odds are they can pick one up at the abandoned neighbor's house... if you dare to go outside.

Even though Lauryn, a character in my Benton: A Zombie Novel, Volume Two, is great with a baseball bat due to being a former baseball player, a baseball bat is not an ideal melee weapon. It has poor range, breaks easily, and requires many hits in order to kill or even knock out a zombie. It's a weapon you use to get away, or to give yourself minimal protection as you search for a better, preferably more powerful weapon.


Out of the baseball bat, machete and crowbar, zombies seem most susceptible to the machete. At first glance, anyway. Depending on the size of your machete, you may be able to take a zombie out pretty quickly. In real life, and in video games, a knife of any kind is handy in other survival situations as well. Machetes can be used to open cans, break down doors, or cut up wood for fires. Just don't be too dependent on it saving your life against a one-on-one with a zombie. A machete is more effective than a baseball bat but requires getting in pretty close. It's a risk you might not want to take.


Now here is a weapon to strike fear into the dead hearts of zombies! A crowbar works like a baseball bat and is almost as easy to find out in the residential wilds. However, unlike a baseball bat, crowbars are hard to bend or break. They will last you a long time and are pretty effective at knocking out the living dead. If we had to choose out of the baseball bat, machete or crowbar, zombies would run in fear from the crowbar. This is true in both real life and video games, although at least in video games you usually don't run into muscle fatigue from wielding this weapon.


Preparing for the zombie apocalypse, either real or in video games, is no easy task. You have to choose your primary weapon wisely. Although ideally you would want a firearm of some kind, the above three weapons aren't that bad either.  Plus, they aren't loud, and you won't run out of bullets. It depends on your situation and what you feel most comfortable wielding. Regardless, you are going to want something, and you can't go wrong with a machete, baseball bat, or crowbar. Those zombies won't stand a chance.


About Jolie du Pre

Jolie du Pre is a full-time, published author, editor, article writer and blogger. She has short stories in over 15 books; she’s the author of a novella, and she’s the editor of three anthologies. Today, Jolie’s focus is on her new adult/romance/zombie apocalypse series – BENTON. Jolie is a married mother of two who loves writing, reading, traveling, cooking, running, pole dance and fitness, and monsters, especially zombies.  Join her mailing list:

Benton: A Zombie Novel, Volume One:

Zombies have killed everyone in the Benton household--all except twenty-something Jennifer. She's escaped her bedroom, but what now? Waterbank, Illinois is overrun. Where can she go?

A chance encounter with seven other young survivors points her toward Texas. A charismatic, handsome young man named Mark says he can lead them all to his family's ranch. He's sure they'll be safe there. Jennifer wants to trust him, with her life and possibly her heart.

There's no place else to go, there's no way to escape the zombies but through, and there's no telling if Jennifer and Mark will live long enough to act on the emotion building between them.

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  1. Great points! We don't have a baseball bat in our home...we probably have a crowbar, though. Maybe we should have it handy just in case. :-)

  2. Thank you for featuring me, Sophie!

  3. I was going to go for the crowbar, but mostly because of a video game... can't think of the name but the main character's name is Gordon Freeman. Anyways, he uses a crowbar quite effectively against aliens and if it works so well against aliens, it should work pretty darn good against shambling zombies.


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