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Dragon Diaries - U is for Una - A to Z Challenge 2017 #AtoZChallenge

Dragon Diaries

elcome to my contribution to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2017:

So, what does that mean? Well, each day, I'm going to tell you about a dragon - a dragon inspired by a name that I generated randomly using a name generator (I haven't looked up the derivation of any of these names, I have just run with how they make me feel, their sound on the tongue).

I'll tell you all about my Dragon of the Day, and share some flash fic about their lives. Any genre, any character, any look - prepare to be surprised and (I hope) entertained by my dragonly inspirations :).

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U is for Una

Una is a were-dragon. She’s has plenty of time to get used to it, having been bitten when she was three years old, and she had two loving parents who converted their cellar into a fire-proof romper room for one day and two nights every 28 days.

Una has been living with her parents, John and Eliza, but recently she decided to take the leap and move into her own home. It has taken a long time to find somewhere suitable, with a cool cellar, and then to have adjustments made to ensure a wild dragon could not escape and cause havoc in the pleasant London suburbia round about.

The other big change in Una’s life is dating: her first and only boyfriend, Tom, had screamed and fainted when she had shown him the scales on her arm the day before her full monthly transformation, and he hasn’t tried to find another one since. But, her best friend, Gertie, has persuaded her to try a dating website, and, by ‘persuade’, Gertie meant she’d put Una’s profile up for her. With some whining and cajolling, Gertie has managed to get Una to agree to a date…
Operation Were-date

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Una tottered up to the gastropub entrance in her brand new heels, another mad idea from Gertie, and wobbled to a halt as the terrifying ordeal she had agreed to hit her squarely between the eyes. She almost spun right around and headed away, which would have been a pretty dangerous thing to do, because, one, those heels were not made for fast turns, and, two, she knew the ribbing she’d get for the rest of her life if she went home and had to admit to Gertie that she’d chickened out.

Still, she stood there staring at the posh sign of a leek and potato for ages, her heart thumping and he legs wobbling (but then maybe that was the heels). It wasn’t until a young couple crashed past her, laughing together even as they sent Una stumbling into the smart red brick wall of the way in. She glared at their backs, but they did not even notice her, which put things into perspective for Una. Kicking herself, mentally speaking, because in those heels there was only shuffling, she headed into the pub.

The place was pretty full with all tables save a couple near the kitchen doors full of people. Una checked her phone for the picture of her date, Ndale, and then looked around the room again. That is when she saw a man waving. She checked the picture again and realised it had to have been taken a few years ago, because Ndale’s dark, close-cropped hair was now showing a few flecks of grey at his temples. That made Una feel better about her laughter lines and she smiled nervously and waved back.

Una staggered across the room, using the odd chair to give her some modicum of poise, and her date stood up to welcome her to the table. Not really sure what the form was, she murmured a hello and then gently leant forward for a double air kiss. That almost led to a header into the table, so she quickly grabbed her chair and aimed herself into it. She landed a little more heavily than she would have liked, but Ndale did not seem to notice, either that or he was being polite. She continued to smile, because, in truth, there was nothing else in her head, not a single word, so she just took in the view, which was rather handsome. Ndale smiled back, his dark skin setting of his light brown, almost yellow eyes, and it appeared he had been practising, because he managed words.

“I hope you found the pub okay.”

Una nodded, realised she was being stupid, coughed and finally replied, “Yes, thanks. It’s a nice place.”

She wasn’t really sure it was a nice place, it was kind of ordinary, with some ‘homely’ wooden tables and chairs and chalk boards of menus dotted around the room. Ndale nodded back at her, shifting in his seat and glancing around the bar. Then he seemed to remember something.

“Would you like a drink?”

That should have been a good offer, but it kickstarted the thoughts that had been bothering Una since she’d accepted the date. Her mind danced back to when Tom had run for the hills when he found out his girlfriend grew scales once a month, and she didn’t want that, not when she was attached. This had to be faced now, so she fixed Ndale with a look. He settled into his seat and she saw something dawning in his eyes as well. There was nothing else but to get things over with.

“Look,” she began, and Ndale opened his mouth to speak as well.

“I’m a were-,” were not the words she expected to hear come from Ndale’s mouth at the same time she spoke, and they both came to a halt.

Ndale stared at her, she stared back, and a flush of something ran through her that she only realised was relief when she laughed.

“Dragon,” Una carried on quietly and couldn’t help the smile that she could feel playing over her lips.

Ndale sat back, sighed and shook his head and also smiled, and then told her, “Panther.”

“Full moon?” Una checked.

Ndale nodded again. “Two nights, one day?”

Una waggled her head, because all the nodding was a bit silly and then they both laughed. The coincidence was wonderful: no need to explain; instant understanding, and Una felt herself loosen up into her seat.


Peering through the window, Gertie saw Una and Ndale relax, and she grinned. Turning away, she took her phone out of her pocket and dialled Ndale's best friend, Ben. As soon as the phone was answered, she announced triumphantly, “Operation were-date is a go!”


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  1. Hi Sophie - this was a good read ... what happens next between the panther and the dragon - who knows ... perhaps that comes under 'W'?! A fun light read today - thanks ...cheers Hilary


    1. Hi Sophie - thanks for the Unicorn rhyme ... I'd forgotten that ... great addition ... cheers H

    2. Thank you - will a panther and a dragon get along? Well, they have both waited a long time to try dating, so at least neither of them will take it lightly. :)

  2. What a gorgeous story. You're so creative. Glad to have found your blog.
    Unity #Lexicon of Leaving

  3. A were-dragon...that gives a whole new meaning to having her monthly time, now doesn't it?
    Discarded Darlings - Jean Davis, Speculative Fiction Writer, A to Z: Editing Fiction

  4. Was not expecting that, but pleasantly surprised. :-)

    So, is there a box you check on the dating website for lycanthropcy? I suddenly want a whole book about a dating website specifically for mythological creatures trying to find love in modern times.

    U - Underground SNOWLAB

    1. Now that sounds like a fun idea for a book - maybe following the lives of not only the people who sign up to it, but the staff maintaining the site as well, making sure that the lion and the unicorn don't get paired together, because look what happened last time, there was a big paddy all around the town. :)

  5. Well, that worked out well. They would have had no shortage of things to talk about. Fun story and something different!

  6. I like the twist at the end! I also love the name Una.


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