Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Book Review: Ashwood House by L K Jay - paranormal thriller

I have a stack of brilliant books that I finished while I was on holiday that I need to review and, since I just finished this one and I have time to write a review, here it is - this is a great paranormal thriller with good characters, I couldn't put it down!

Ashwood HouseAshwood House by L.K. Jay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. I don't think I'd have read it if there hadn't been a paranormal element to it, because the rest of the book is a pretty realistic thriller about a woman who is released from prison after serving 15 years for stabbing her abusive husband to death and the choices she had to face. However, I was surprised, I really enjoyed everything about the book, I loved Savannah, the main character, she is relatable, down to earth and she felt real. In fact this whole book felt very real, even the ghost.

The interaction between human and spirit is handled calmly, logically and pragmatically, because, above all, Savannah is a pragmatic woman. She is methodical in her choices, taking a little human companionship where she can, hoping the best for her mentee from prison, Tamsin, and deciding who to befriend in the small village where she takes up residence as housekeeper for Ashwood House.

There is spookiness to this book, despite Savannah's sensible outlook, and there are thrills too as she handles hiding from her husband's murderous family. I found myself liking Savannah a lot, rooting for her and wanting the best for her. Her character makes the book and I would like to read more about her.

Just a final note about the author and the way the book is written. There are quite a lot of typos/missing words, but I didn't care, since the text itself was so engaging. And this author knows how to write a really good story, gradually building up the tension and giving a really good finish. I am beginning to think that the last part of the story is the most important for me, the round up, after the climax, the bit that leaves me thinking about the characters and what they are going to do next. And this one's a keeper :).

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