Monday, 10 August 2015

Monster Monday: Voltan (Jack Palance at his growly best)

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So, I watched Hawk The Slayer at the weekend. It's the original sword and sorcery movie. Watching it led to a long and laugh-filled conversation with my sister, Tasha, and a discussion of the reasons to watch Hawk. Tash will be talking about that on Friday for her Fan Friday post. One of the reasons to watch IMO (and for a snort behind your hand), is the over-acting of Jack Palance as Hawk's evil brother, Voltan.

There's nothing subtle about Voltan. The first thing you see him do is kill his own father, because he won't share the secret of their family's power. He's full of rage, he definitely has a screw loose, and he's all fist-clenching and snarling. And then there's the face that not even a mother could love, and that's before the disfigurement ;P.

Voltan is truly a baddie you can love to hate. He has no redeeming features (and that includes how he's acted). He kills on a whim - he must go through henchmen at an alarming rate.  He makes stunningly awful decisions, and likes to share his plans with all and sundry whem he has them at his mercy. He's a classic! :D

Do you have any favourite OTT villains?

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  1. Voltan, oh Voltan, thank god you were an idiot with daddy issues ;) The way Jack Palance chews the scenery is a joy to behold.

  2. That movie sounds like fun! OTT acting can be good times. :)

    1. It's a great escapist movie as long as you don't try to take it too seriously ;P


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