Monday, 1 June 2015

Monster Mondays: Gremlins

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As monsters go, I think Gremlins have a pretty implausible creation myth, but it is cool! For those who don't know: gremlins come from Mogwai. These are really cute little creatures with huge ears (a bit like an overweight house elf with fur and a snub nose).

If you get a mogwai wet, other little mogwais will bubble off of it. So far, so cute, eh? However, there is another very important thing to remember with mogwais - never, ever feed them after midnight. This is what happens in the movie, Gremlins, and, guess what a midnight-fed mogwai becomes - yup, a Gremlin.

Now, a Gremlin is an ugly scaly green menace who wants no more than to cause absolute chaos!

Thus ensues one of the best comedy horror movies of the 80's. It also has a pretty good sequel too!

Gremlins made me laugh, cringe and go ewww! And Gizmo, the mogwai, is a really great little character as well. The 80's produced some good monster movies, Ghoulies, House and Gremlins are probably the top, with Critters being on the second rung.

Do you have a favourite little monster movie?

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  1. I've only seen bits of Gremlins. All the good horror movies came out when I was, like, 5 and way too impressionable to watch them without getting terrifying nightmares.

    1. You are making me feel old ;P.

      Although, I was only 11 when Gremlins came out, so I didn't see it until I moved out of home and it was running on the Sky cable TV that we had in the house we rented.

      I didn't really see my first proper horror movie until I was 14ish, when friends showed us Evil Dead (I think I was too impressionable even then). But then I am the person who can scare herself while writing her own ghost stories! ;P

  2. You know, I honestly cannot think of any small monsters other than Gremlins. My mind may just be spacing, but even still... Gremlins are pretty hilarious. I enjoyed that movie so much, that we named our Chihuahua Gremlin. :)

    1. Aww, a cute name :) - I hope your chihuahua was better behaved than a gremlin, though ;P


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