Friday, 27 March 2015

Recipe: Dark, White & Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Nests (fun and easy for you and the kids)

This recipe is a little twist on the classic rice crispies cakes, only they are made with Shredded Wheat to make them look more like nests (you can substitute rice cripsies or cornflakes if you want).

It's quick and easy and fun to make with kids, although you can also make them just for yourself too! :)

This recipe makes 25 Easter Egg Nests.

300g dark chocolate
150g white chocolate
9 Shredded Wheat (or enough rice crispies/cornflakes to use up all the dark chocolate)
50 mini eggs of your choice (I used Cadbury's)

You'll also need 25 bun cases to hold the nests.


In a large bowl melt the dark chocolate. You can do this by putting the bowl over boiling water, or by placing it in the microwave on medium power (1 or 2 mins first and then bursts of 10s until the chocolate is smooth and runny).

Crumble in the Shredded Wheat, mixing until it is thoroughly covered in the chocolate.

Put two teaspoons of the mixture into each bun case, forming into a pattie, and make a dent in the middle of the pattie (I used two teaspoons to shape the nests).

Leave the nest to set for ~30 mins.

Melt the white chocolate in a small bowl - again, you can put your bowl over boiling water, or place it in the microwave.

Place a teaspoon of the white chocolate into the centre of each nest and immediately add two mini eggs to each nest.

Leave to set for another 30 mins and they're ready to eat!

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