Monday, 17 March 2014

TLW Lexicon 2014 - What a Great 2 Days - Teaching & Learning About Writing & Publishing!

I am only slowly coming down from a brilliant weekend of writing, reading and publishing chat and presentation at the TLW Lexicon 2014 in Faversham UK. What a great way to spend two days!

I met some great authors, Cherry Potts, Katy Darby and Stephen Deas among them, and got a chance to listen to them talk about their writing and publishing endeavours. I also have one of his books, Through The Square Window, signed by the wonderful organiser of the event and author too, Graham Guy.

Tasha and I, I hope, gave some useful advice on indie publishing, it's ups and downs and challenges, to a receptive audience during our own panels. We collated the information from our talks about Indie Publishing and World Building and Audience Building on our website under pubtips if anyone is interested. It's actually a collation of what we've learnt over the last three years of publishing our own eBooks and links to useful posts by the wonderful people out there who share their experiences on their own blogs. :)

It was great, exhausting fun and the TLW Lexicon is going to one to watch for 2015! :)

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