Monday, 2 December 2013

Wittegen Press Advent Giveaway 2013 - Day #2 - When Darkness Beckons by Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake

Welcome to the Wittegen Press Advent Giveaway Day #2
To celebrate this festive season we at Wittegen Press are giving away an eBook a day up until

Today we are giving away 

When Darkness Beckons by Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake Front Cover
When Darkness Beckons

by Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake

This is a two story horror anthology created for All Hallows Read 2012. 

Catcher of Souls by Natasha Duncan-Drake
When Miles sets foot inside The King James pub he knows instantly there is a disembodied soul in residence. The question is, is the soul responsible for the deaths that have happened on the site or were they just accidents. It's Miles' job to catch troublesome lost souls, but when danger strikes he might just be too late.

Some Things Are Stranger... by Sophie Duncan
Life is weird enough for Jake being a werewolf on the run from The Pagan Dawn, ruthless hunters determined to wipe out all 'paranormal scum'. His luck runs out when he is ambushed after a Halloween party and, badly injured, he dives into the shadows of an abandoned warehouse with his pursuers on his heels. Yet, Jake discovers that he is not alone and his encounter with a goofy hobo, who talks about the place being haunted, teaches him that all strangeness is relative.

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Every day during this giveaway, we are also posting a letter, collect the letters and at the end of Advent, you'll have a message 24 letters long. Tell us what that message in from Christmas Day to New Year and you are in for the chance of winning all 24 eBooks from the giveaway!

Today's letter is A.


  1. Already own this too. *grins* May have to go back and re-read it.

    1. All our books are DRM free, so if you already have a prize, you can always give the second away as a Christmas gift. :)


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