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FB3X Drabble Cascade #11 - Don't Leave Me Sneezing! (PG, M/M Romance, Fantasy)

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Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is my flash fiction entry for the 11th Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

So the theme this week is 'cold' and I already went for the sexy side of hot and cold in my drabble for this week on FB3X blog, Fire Under Ice, so I thought a little further and another image of cold for me is when you feel awful and you have a bad cold and fever and then I went one step further and wondered what that would be like for someone with dragon blood :)

Don't Leave Me Sneezing!

by  Sophie Duncan

Ben buried his head and cursed his human blood. Everything ached, from the tiny scales on his toes to the ends of his crimson hair. He was full of snot too, and, what was worse, being a dragon, he didn’t just sneeze germs: he’d already set fire to his blanket three times and only the dragon-scaled cover his mum had given him for Christmas had saved his kindle.

An insidious tickling sensation in his nose announced another sneeze and he hunched down on the sofa, desperately trying to hold on to his pathetically human reactions. He couldn’t do more damage to the flat, Philip would kill him. His boyfriend, not known for his even temper, had already stormed off in disgust after an incident with a singed book of shadows. Ben hadn’t done it deliberately, the sneeze had come from nowhere, but sorcerers were very proud of their spell books.

Growling under his breath, Ben told himself that he was going to forswear any contact with mucus ridden children from now on - no more teacher training, he’d go off and become a mountain ranger, or a sky diving instructor, or something, anything to make the sweats and shivers go away.

The sneeze didn’t take any notice of his self pity and he closed his eyes, knowing it was coming whether he liked it or not.

“Here,” Philip’s voice interrupted his tension and something landed in his hand.

Sneeze in full flow, Ben took the soft something as air shot down his nose followed by heat and automatically stuffed it in front of the minor explosion. A blast of horror trailed after his most devastating sneeze yet and Ben stayed hunched, not wanting to know what he’d destroyed this time.

Yet, after a second, he realised something: nothing had happened, no smell of burning, no heat and so, slowly, he opened his eyes and looked down at the crumpled something in his hand. It turned out to be a tissue, an ordinary, off-pink tissue and it was still pink, not a charred pile of ash. Shocked and relieved, Ben looked up at Philip, who was sitting on the coffee table regarding him with those serious black eyes of his.

“Sorry it took me so long, I had to research how to combine dragon scale with paper,” Philip spoke first, his long fringe falling over his eyes as he glanced down in an endearingly embarrassed way.

Ben knew his magical theory, even if he didn’t practice it, and he whispered in awe, “You learnt alchemy for me?”

Philip just shrugged, his pale cheeks darkening. Ben made a mental note to tell his boyfriend he was a genius more often, but for right then, he just smiled as the warm feeling in his chest began to make him feel better.



  1. Sneezes that set everything on fire, that is horrible So glad I'm not a dragon :) Cute story.

  2. I guess I should remember this story next time I catch a cold, and remember to be thankful that at least my sneezes aren't combustible. ;) Great story, and clever way to combine hot and cold.

  3. This was both adorable and funny, I don't know whether to lol or aww. :D

    1. you're allowed to do both, but l-aww-ol is a bit of a strange noise ;P

  4. awwwww dragon sneezes and a lovely boyfriend. The idea of a sneezing dragon is strangely pleasing LOL as long as I'm out of the line of fire ;)

    1. Dragon sneezing is a new weapon, but a random and not very useful one ;P


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