Thursday, 6 December 2012

Death In The Family 2 UPDATE

I haven't written more than a couple of thousand words since NaNo ended thanks to having other stuff to do, like making presents for friends for Christmas and mundane tasks like taking the cat to the vet for his yearly checkup. However, crafting has left my mind free to wander from time to time and I think I have worked out the spark that was missing from Death In The Family 2, or at least part of it. :D

It means rewriting my notes for the end scenes, but since I haven't got there yet, it's no big deal! The old climax had pace, but not enough build up, this twist on the same situation will build the tension nicely so that the payoff at the end feels all the bigger. It will also allow me to show Tom's developing vampire, which is what underlies the whole second book - discovery and experimentation.

I've also had some ideas for additional pointers throughout the story that will make the subtext stronger, which I'm off to note down before they drift efemerally away. Then it's back to present making - only 3 more to go now. :)

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