Monday, 5 November 2012

And I missed a bit!

Yesterday wasn't the complete NaNo washout I thought it was going to be: I did manage to start writing at 9pm last night and did an hour. My target is 90K wds, since I want to finish the first draft of my sequel to Death In The Family, and I'm aiming for between 80K and 90K length. This means just under 3K a day, and  so both Saturday and Sunday were a bust as far as that target went. Despite the fact I had extra wds to spare from the previous three days, it still feels like cheating not to make the word count. So, today, I'm aiming for 5K wds, since I was 2K short over the weekend.

Today should be interesting in terms of writing content, because I realised this morning that I have forgotten one fairly vital plot line during my planning (not vital to this story, but to future ones), and now I have to weave it into the narrative. To be fair, the reason I remembered it is because I've reached a scene where it would slot in nicely, but I must drop it in other places as well.

SOO, I'm aiming high today! :) Good luck NaNoers with your own WC's (word counts not water closets :P) today and see you on the other side!

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